ClubSofa allows you to meet, host and stay with people you trust using our friend of friends model

What do we do?

ClubSofa allows you to


Life is about people. Why not meet more?


Save money and feel safe


Don't just take, give back to the sharing community

Why it works

With ClubSofa you're connected to your friends and their friends too! Assuming everyone has 200 unique friends, everyone would have a network spanning 40,000 people! That's the world that ClubSofa opens!

The Interactive Map

Looking for a place to stay but don't know where your friends of friends live? That's fine. We have a map for that.

Seamlessly browse your connections in the easiest way possible with our interactive map interface. We've integrated Google Maps so it's the experience you know and love with the content you need.

Why We're Great

Spend less on hotels. Spend more on fun.

Do you want to live like a king? If you find a place to stay you can live life large the following day!

Stay safe. Without the cost.

Using hospex websites is cheap but is it safe? Use ClubSofa to experience the safer way to stay!

Reach out. Get replies.

Other hospitality exchange websites have low response rates. ClubSofa improves this with our friends of friends model.

Don't be just another tourist. Meet locals.

Travelling is one thing. Experiencing a different way of life is another.